The DFG is an association to promote and maintain the relations between finnish and german people. The German Finnish Association Augsburg was founded in 1980. As an independent association the organisation emerged by chance, nine or ten years before, when several german finnish families came together. They saw the finnish flag on a car or other people spoke about "families like that" in their neighbourhood. That is how it all began.
The families Gratt, Scheu, Englbrecht, Crämer, Günther, Kytölä and Rahm were one of the first families who founded this organisation. Year after year more and more people attended the DFG. Quickly there were more than a hundred families who attended the activities of the association as enrolled members.
A programm of the DFG Augsburg can be found in the "Rundschreiben" that is published and sent to the members at least twice a year. Thanks to our web site it is now possible to provide and to obtain current information at very short notice.
The members and people who are interested in learning more about finnish culture meet in Augsburg . Please see RUNDSCHREIBEN.
Further information can be found in the list of contents. Yours sincerely, heippa
Text: C. Crämer